A quest for a perfect blogging platform

I write blog. I am into minimalism, physically and digitally. It affects my decision on choosing a blogging platform. I want a simple one, the bare minimum one for me to write texts and publish them. There have been attempts on choosing a right one for me. Wordpress is just too much, so it is a no. Moreover, I don't want a special hosting service, so the other self-hosted platforms are also not of my choice. Nowadays, people use github, paired with jekyll for their websites and blogs. It is quite nice, since I don't have to put more effort to set up a separate hosting as github handles the rest. Still, I think it is too much: extra toolings, bloated theme to get started, etc. It may be good for people, but not for me.

Firing up a simple website from scratch is trivial—without fancy CSS and JS judo, of course. To me, it is much easier than learning the existing platforms. So, I decided to create my own "platform". I don't need a fancy one. Just plain HTML files with minimum styling. Just write, commit, and push. Perfectly streamlined with my workflow. I have no problem managing them by hand for now. Eventually I can make it more automated if I want, though.

So be it. The one that you are reading now.