My phone setup


March 26, 2020

I use iPhone. No specific reason. It just does the job for me, and it is a pretty decent upgrade from my previous phone (which has already been in a terrible condition). My phone is admittedly distractive, and I can get distracted easily. I want less distraction. First, I move all app icons to the second screen. Then I disable the second screen so it is inaccessible on left-swipe. Fortunately I don’t install many apps, and it didn’t take too much time.

My home screen is pretty much empty. Only the dock with three apps that I need immediate access oftentimes. Other than those three, I use app search bar to find the one that I want to use. This way, I force myself to stay mindful while using my phone.

I think you know the urge to touch an icon whenever a numbered red circle appears on its top-right corner, right? And those colorful icons make you impulsively tap them, and mindlessly switch from an app to another app countless time. I used to do it too. Hence, most of the time I leave grayscale filter on. It is boring and a waste of a pricy phone, I know. But it makes the phone less appealing and I can put more focus on my actual work. I turn the grayscale filter off whenever I capture or edit pictures. Moreover I rarely play games, so it is not a big deal.

Not the best setup I can achieve. Not everyone should do this either. But it works quite okay for me.