I made colabond


February 14, 2022

I love VS Code’s intellisense and its extensions. I am also into Github copilot recently. They give me a delightful development experience. I have always wanted to run my local python project codes on Colab’s (or Kaggle’s) kernel for its free computation power. Switching entirely to notebook is not an option since I am not a big fan of notebooks.

So, I ended up developing a tool that allows me to sync and execute my local code on remote notebook kernels (including Colab and Kaggle). The idea is simple. Using HTTP, send local codes (and changes if any) to the “middleware” server. The agent that runs on remote kernel periodically check whether there are new files or changes, then download them.

Initially, I made this for my personal use, but I invited my friends in case they find this useful. Until it is ready, unfortunately it is not for everyone, yet.