People call me Aria. My childhood and close friends call me Ghora. Alive since 1992, programming since 2006, freelancer since 2013, AI researcher since 2016. I create things to understand them clearly.


I joined AIST AI research center, Tokyo, as a postdoc researcher. My current research interests are machine learning and transfer learning. Their applications for human well-being, such as fall detection, activity recognition, and anomaly detection, are always intriguing.

Side Projects

Besides my research, I also love to tinker in other domains through programming. I code quite a lot. I am not a purist, but I enjoy crafting stuff (almost) from scratch as much as I can.

Reaching Me

If you send me email, then surely you are sending it to me, a human. It is always nice to talk to fellow humans. I also tweet occasionally. I do not put comment section in any part of this website. It is intentional. Comment systems suck and are too much hassle to me.