Aria Ghora Prabono

A guy with some background in both AI research and engineering, currently an AI research engineer at EAGLYS株式会社, Tokyo.

Highlighted Projects

Villard A pipeline framework for Python data science projects
Noe A neural network framework with autograd in written in ObjectPascal
Minitensor A smol tensor manipulation library written in C
Robust Period Unofficial Implementation of "RobustPeriod: Time-Frequency Mining for Robust Multiple Periodicities Detection"
Libdtree A single-file-header-only library to build decision tree, written in C
Zmol A zmol toy programming language written in Go, designed to abuse font ligatures

Due to the nature of my work, I cannot share all of my projects publicly

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Primary Toolkits

  • Python, Go, C (ML model and general development)
  • Docker (development and deployment)
  • Cloud native (few services of AWS and Azure for Ops)
  • Version control system, *nix tools, and other CI/CD tools

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